3 Best Cyber Security Certification[for beginners]

3 Best Cyber Security Certification[for beginners]

Cyber Security or Ethical Hacking is one of the best fields in computer science. And the demand for cybersecurity professionals (Ethical Hackers) is increasing and it will keep on increasing there are not many universities that offer courses on cybersecurity. And certifications are very important if you want to make your career in cybersecurity and there are a lot of certification’s but you need to do the best one because you don’t want to get your basics. So here I have a list best cybersecurity certification for beginners.

What is cyber security(Ethical Hacking)?

First cybersecurity doesn’t mean ethical hacking there are a lot of other things too. But here we are going to just talk about certification related to ethical hacking. Cybersecurity is a field in which you work on securing application’s and devices so that the bad guys or the blacks can not hack it and do damage. And as the cyber threats are increasing day by day the requirement for a cybersecurity professional is also increasing.

Now here’s the list of certifications…….


You can not be a good ethical hacker if your networking concepts are not clear and if you have no idea about networking then learning ethical hacking will be hard so i recommend to do ComTIA’s Network+ certification it will make your networking basic strong and trust me networking is every where in ethical hacking so you need to do this certification.

2.CEH(Certified Ethical Hacker)

CEH or certified ethical hacker is a certification provided by ec-council and it the most popular cybersecurity certification.CEH will not make you a master hacker but it will give you basics so that you can go for more advanced things without any issue and it is the certification which I am doing right now I mean I still have to give my exam. But as I have done ceh training I can tell you it is a great certification and you can do it from your home and it makes your basics clear.


This is another cybersecurity certifications and it is provided by CompTIA.It is a great cybersecurity certification. It will teach you the basics of ethical hacking and then you can go for a more advanced level. It is a great entry-level certification and it is the second most popular certification after ceh .

All the certifications that I have mentioned here are great for beginner and you can do any one of them. You may find a lot of people saying ceh is not good or security+ is not good. But what I think is anything that you learn can never be bad it will always help. And cybersecurity is a field where there is not starting point you always have to keep learning so to start you can do these certifications and clear your basics.


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