5 Must use WordPress Plugins [for bloggers]

5 Must use WordPress Plugins [for bloggers]

More than 26% of the website’s on the internet run of WordPress. It is the most used cms(Content Management System). And plugins are very important and they provide additional functionality to your website. And without right plugin’s your may not look good or may not be secure overall I want to say that without right plugins your website may not succeed.So choosing right plugins is very important. So here I have a list of 5 Must have WordPress Plugins.


Security is the highest priority you don’t want your website to be insecure and that’s why your first priority should be to get a good security plugin and Wordfence is a great plugin it is free and if you are just starting then free version is more than enough for you. It is the most installed security plugin and gets regular updates.

2.Contact Form 7

Contact Page is a must have page if you have a blog because the first reason is if you want to monetize your blog with Google Adsense or any other big ad network you need to have a contact page to get approved.And most important if you want your readers to interact with you it’s a great way your readers may send suggestions or anything else. But the main thing is that having a contact page. And the best and most used contact form creation plugin is Contact Form 7. It is used by a lot of websites and is very easy to install and you can add a form very easily.

3.Yoast SEO

This is a must-have plugin. If you want to get that organic traffic from Google and trust me you need to take SEO(Search Engine Optimization) seriously because it is one of the best ways to get traffic and ranking high on google so if you want to make your blog search engine optimized then install Yoast SEO all the big website on the internet use it for because it makes SEO very easy and you can make your blog search engine optimized.

4.Analytify – Google Analytics Dashboard

Analytics is very important. And you will feel it’s need not now but maybe in future but you need to have google analytics there are a lot of plugins for google analytics but the one I use and recommend is Analytify. It is a google analytics plugin which generates beautiful charts and shows your analytics data.


Your websites speed matters a lot if your website is slow doesn’t matter how great content you have your reader will leave so the first thing you need to do is get a good web hosting. And then install the Humminbird plugin because instead of installing different plugin’s for caching and database optimization and other stuff you can just install hummingbird and you will get all these things done by this single plugin it is a great plugin.


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