5 Must use WordPress Plugins to increase your website traffic in[2019]

5 Must use WordPress Plugins to increase your website traffic in[2019]

Hey, firstly thank for reading the post. So you are here because you have blog and you want to increase the traffic of your blog . If you are a new blogger like me then it can be confusing at the start that which things are important to improve so that you can increase your website traffic. So there are a lot of plugins in WordPress which can help you increase your website traffic . These plugins will not directly send you traffic but they will optimize your website so that your website traffic will increase.

1.Yoast SEO

SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is very important if you are a new blogger like me it is possible that you are ignoring SEO. But let me tell you SEO is very important so try to improve your SEO. And Yoast SEO will help you to improve your SEO. It is the most used SEO plugin. It makes your work easier and you can improve your SEO so that you can rank good in the google search.

2.Social Warfare

The more your posts get shared on social media the more traffic you get. Social media integration is very important. So that your readers can easily share your posts and the best plugin for this is social warfare. This plugin is just awesome it just makes it so simple. You can easily integrate social media on your blog. I recommend you must check it.


Your website speed is very important. If your website is slow then you will lose your readers no matter how good content you have. Because no one wants to wait. So the first step is to use a good web hosting. And then install hummingbird because it can optimize everything on your website. And it will make your web pages load fast.

4.Optin Forms

Building an email list is very important because. Then your readers will come every time when you post something.There are a lot of plugins that can be used to collect emails but i use optin forms .It is a great plugin which can be easily integrated in your site so that you can collect emails.


Ya i know you must be thinking how a analytics plugin is going to help in improving your traffic.But it is very important to know what are the major sources of your traffic and which content is more liked by your audience so that you can focus on one source and write that content that your audience likes. It saves your time so that you don’t focus on those sources which don’t help.

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