Hostgator India Review. Is it still good in 2019?

Hostgator India Review. Is it still good in 2019?

Web Hosting is very important. If you want your website to load fast and if you want to that your website is always up and there is no downtime so that you don’t lose your websites visitors then you should get a good web hosting service.

Budget Web Hosting in India

There are a lot of web hosting providers in India. But there are not many good web hosting providers in India. And very few budget-friendly good web hosting services providers.

So first some important things:

Don’t buy web hosting from domain providers like Godaddy or Bigrock. I am not saying they are bad or something. But the thing is that they are domain providers they are not good at hosting. So go for some provider which just specializes in web hosting.

Now to the main part our Hostgator review

Hostgator Review


Hostgator is not an Indian web hosting provider but as more and more Indians are coming online and many of them want there own blogs or website. A lot of international companies have stepped in the domestic market and one of them is Hostgator. And this is good because now the Indian web hosting providers have to provide much better services at cheaper rates. Hostgator is a very popular web hosting company and despite being the newcomer in the Indian web hosting market it has captured a big part of the web hosting of Indian web hosting market.

Indian Web Hosting  Market share

The Above Hostadvice report shows that Hostgator is the second most popular web hosting provider in India. The only reason for such tremendous growth is the quality of service. Here are the reasons why you should consider a Hostgator as your web hosting provider.

Fast Speed

If you are hosting your website on a web hosting providers like Godaddy or Bigrock you will instantly know the change in your websites load time when you switch to Hostgator. Hostgator servers are fast even on the base plan your website will load very fast. And one of the pros is that you can choose your own server location based on target audience location. So that your website loads faster based on your target audience location. And it is very important to have a fast web hosting provider.

Customer Support

Great customer support is very important. So that all of your issues can be solved. And Hostgator provides the best in class support. Customer support is available 24/7 and you can contact them through chat, email, and phone. Any issue with your website will be solved I host my blog on Hostgator and my every issue is solved without any problem.

Excellent Uptime

Hostgator provides excellent uptime of 99.9% so that your website is always online. Because when your website of down you will lose your visitors and which can harm your business or blog. And at Hostgator, you will get compensation if they are unable to provide you with the promised 99.9% uptime.

Excellent Features

And another great thing is that you get unlimited disk and bandwidth in every plan. Except for the starting plan.So that you are not limited because you bought the base plan. And you can also have an unlimited number of email addresses. So it’s good to have everything unlimited.

Cons of Hostgator

Hostgator is a great web hosting provider but it also has its cons. And there are not a lost of cons currently just because there is no much competition in the domestic market.

Indian servers are costly

One of the biggest cons Is that the Indian servers are costly. So when you got to Share hosting section you are presented with the pricing of different plans and above you can change the server location. And if you select Indian server the costs rise.

Hoatgator usa server
Hostagtor indian server

As you can see that Indian server cost more.

Starting Plan is Limited

All the plans provide unlimited disk space and bandwidth. But the starting plans don’t provide unlimited desk and bandwidth.

Hostgator plans

Hostgator provides all types of web hosting. It provides shared web hosting and WordPress web hosting with Reseller hosting and a lot. But here we will be only talking about Shared hosting plans because this is the most used hosting plan. and especially if you are new to web hosting and you just want a website then just go for shared hosting.

Share Hosting Plans

Hostgator shared hsoting plans

There are basically 4 Shared hosting plans and all of them provide unlimited except the starting plan. You can buy any one of the plans as a monthly plan which is good if you want to pay monthly. Now we will be taking look at all of these plans.


The starter plan is the most basic plan and the cheapest plan in this plan you can host only one domain and you will have a free SSL which is good for SEO and security. You get 10GB of Disk space and 100GB of bandwidth.


If you are a small blogger and a small business then it is best for you. And if you are just starting out then you should get this plan.


This plan is similar to the STARTING Plan except it provides you with unlimited desk space and unlimited bandwidth. And you can host only one domain.


If you are an established blogger or business then you should go for this plan because you will never run out of resources.


This plan is similar to the Hatchling plan but you can host up to 3 domains. And you get unlimited disk and bandwidth.


If you want to host more than one domain then you should go for baby plan because you can host up to 3 domain.


This is the most costly plan among all the plans and it offers a lot like you can host unlimited no. of domains and you get a trusted SSL and lot of other stuff like a dedicated IP.


The one who is going to get the baby plan rather than getting baby plan you should get this plan because it offers a lot more.


Hostgator is a great web hosting provider and if you ask me I will recommend it. It is the best web hosting provider in India. Because it is cheap and offers great speed and support. And if you want your website to grow then it is very important to grow then you should get a good web hosting service like. Overall Hostgator is a great web hosting provider and you will have nos issues with them.


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Which web hosting provider you use?

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