The Must have Windows Apps in 2019[100%free]

The Must have Windows Apps in 2019[100%free]

Windows is the most used operating system in the world having a market share of more than 70%. And that’s why there are millions of software’s available for all your different need. Both free and paid. And it’s hard to choose best software for your basic and important needs. So here i have list of the must have software for your windows pc or laptop. And the software will be based on some important needs. LIKE

If you ask me security is the most important thing you don’t want to risk your data security and for this, you should consider buying a paid antivirus but here I have a free antivirus that is just perfect for basic security.

So, entertainment is very important and for that, you can watch movies or listen to songs or play games but we are not going to talk about games I have listed the best media player to have for your windows pc.

It is very important to backup your data and a for this you need a good cloud storage service that is secure, fast and in this case also free.so i have listed my favorite cloud storage service.

You want your pc to work without any problem and to get software for optimizing different things is itself a not good for your pc as all of them work in the background and then make your pc slow. So I have listed a great free optimizer for your pc that does all the work.


Having a good antivirus is very important so that you can protect yourself from malware and ransomware. And there are a lot of antivirus software available all free and paid. There are many good and free antiviruses are available but I will suggest you to go for a good paid antivirus if you have some very important data on your system. But if you still want free antivirus then go for Bitdefender’s free version it is just awesome. First, it is very lightweight and has everything for your basic security. So just go and download it.

2.VLC Media Player(Entertainment)

If you have a lot of movies and songs. Then you just need a good media player so that you can enjoy it. And VLC is the best media player it is the most used media player. And I think I don’t even need to list it. Because every already uses vlc.If you haven’t used it then just go and download it. I am sure you will love it.


If you want a to have a backup of all your important files then you need to have a good cloud service with good security and speed. There are a lot of cloud storage services available but my favorite free service is SYNC it is great and it is the most secure cloud storage service available on all platforms. And the software is very lightweight and fast. You will get 5gb free and then get more free space by referring to your friends. It is a great service you should give it a try.

4.Advance System Care(OPTIMIZER)

If you want your windows pc to work fast and without any problem then you need to optimize everything so that it works without any issue. And if you use different software for optimizing different things then it is a mess. So Iobit’s Advance System Care is an amazing software which optimizes everything for you and it is great and most important it is free. you have to try this software.

5.Bonus Softwares
1.WOX:– Wox is an amazing tool it is just like macs spotlight. You should use it because as you know windows search is horrible.

2.Dashlane:– You should have different passwords for your different account and to manage these passwords you need a good password manager and dashlane is just perfect for that.


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