Top 5 Best free VPN for PC 100% Free and Safe

Top 5 Best free VPN for PC 100% Free and Safe

If you care about your privacy online then you must have a VPN and not just a VPN but also a good VPN it will help you visit the websites that are blocked and most important it will make you anonymous when you surf the web. There are a lot of VPN’s available but all are not equally good. First, if you are really serious about your privacy and with privacy, you also want good speed the please go for a paid VPN. But this doesn’t mean that all free VPN are bad, they are good if you just want to use them to visit blocked sites and be anonymous. But you have to compromise with a lot of stuff like speed, security. And not all free VPN’S are good a lot of them will be bad so here I have a list of 5 best free VPN.

What is a VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It lets you browse the internet anonymously. By routing your connection through servers which are present in a different location. It encrypts your data online which makes your data safe and away from unauthorized persons accessing it.

Finally presenting 5 Best Free VPN for PC


Let me tell you windscribe is the best VPN I have ever used seriously among all free VPN it is the best. They have not sponsored this post which they should:).I am still telling you it is the best free VPN among the ones i have tried.Now the reasons why i think it is the best is it gives you 10GB of Bandwidth for free i know it’s not too much but you can’t get everything for free and you can increase your Bandwidth by sharing it to your friends.Now about speed you don’t get very fast speed but speed is good and your connection is very secure when you use windscribe.


Hide.me is another great free vpn that gives you 2GB of bandwidth for free every month.Yes, i know it is not enough even less than windscribe but still it is a good service and they provide decent speed and are very secure so you don’t need to worry about you security when you are online.If you just want to unblock some sites and do some testing with vpn it is a good service to get started.

3.Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is a good VPN service and it’s free plan gives 500MB of data per day and it is very secure.I was really not sure what rank i should give it because it contains ads and there is only one location available which will affect speed in a lot of location around the world.it is a great service you should give it a try.

4.Tunnel Bear

Tunnel bear is a great VPN service and in free plan it gives 500MB-1GB of bandwidth per month and it is very secure, it provides good speed and you can use it to unblock sites.it’s interface is very user-friendly and it is very easy to use. You should give it a try.

5.Proton VPN

Proton VPN is my second favorite VPN but I have placed on the 5th place because of only one reason that is speed. They reduce speed on free plan too much and sometimes it is so slow that it is unusable. But some of the great features it has it it gives unlimited bandwidth and it is very secure you can give it a try.

Which one is your favourite and why?


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